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Westminster Park
This park has a street section and a deep bowl. No lights. The bowl is almost always empty, probably because it's big and steep.

Fort Collins Edora Skatepark Verified Spot
Big, fun skatepark. Deep, smooth pool bowl connected to a mini-spine. Snake run with hips. Large park area with pyramids, hips, quarters, and some wac... more >>

Colorado Springs Skatepark Verified Spot
Massive skatepark. One large park style bowl. One large pool style bowl. One small pool. Large street section with banks, wedges, ledges, rails, wallr... more >>

Winter Park Skatepark Verified Spot
Great little skatepark. Fun deep end with a channel, good mini sections. Tiny mini and small street area.

Kremmling Skatepark Verified Spot
Tight, fun combi bowl. Cool tunnel, decent mini section.

Edwards Skatepark Verified Spot
Great park, large deep pool with a capsule, large street area, another large snake run/pool type area with a small spine. Good transitions, usually a ... more >>

Greenwood Village Skatepark Verified Spot
Another fun skatepark. Some weird transitions, a massive spine, and a fun deep end. Definitely worth a stop.

Brighton Skatepark Verified Spot
Nice park, lit until at least 10 I believe. Really fun pool/bowl, another fun bowl with a capsule. Small mini-ramp connected to a street area.

Lake Cunningham Park Verified Spot
This place is absolutely massive, and should be ridden by everyone at one point or another. I can't even begin to list the amount of ramps they have. ... more >>

Roxborough Skatepark Verified Spot
Roxborough has some strange stuff. Another new Team Pain park built Summer 2010. It has a pretty deep and steep pool, a bigger less steep pool bowl, a... more >>

Cañon City Skatepark Verified Spot
Cañon City is a fun little park. A 6' spine, a strange but fun hip, some good transitions. Worth the skip off the highway.

Trinidad Skatepark Verified Spot
Trinidad is good fun, the whole park is a single snake-run esque bowl. It starts really shallow and ends pretty tall. There's not a whole lot outside ... more >>

Broomfield Skate Park Verified Spot
New park in 2010 built by Team Pain. Really crowded so far, but pretty fun. There's a pool that is pretty tough (impossible) to ride well, then a much... more >>

Parker (Twenty Mile) Skate Park Verified Spot
Parker is a sick new park, well lit until 10:30 PM. Big street area, plus a BIG bowl section. Drop in to a medium sized box jump, followed by a massiv... more >>

Longmont Sandstone Skatepark Verified Spot
This park is a blast. Free, public, lit until 10PM, and big. There's a large street area with a pyramid, and a massive box jump. In the middle is a la... more >>

Louisville Skatepark Verified Spot
Free and lit until 10 PM. Pretty fun kidney bowl, and a cool curved rail. Bowl section and street section are fairly bumpy, uneven trannys. Worth a st... more >>

Lititz Skatepark Verified Spot
Various small pre-fab ramps. Slippery painted ramps and pavement.

FDR (Phillyside) Skatepark Verified Spot
FDR park is legendary. It started out as an area the city called a 'skatepark', something like two little grind rails. So the skaters started building... more >>

Nederland Skatepark Verified Spot
This park opened in late 2008. It's got one pool style bowl, a larger bowl with capsule, and a street section with mini-bowl. The transitions are pret... more >>

17th St. fence ride Verified Spot
This is a pretty fun bank to fence. It's usually parked in during CU session, but when the students are out of town, and during the summer, it's prett... more >>

Woodward Skate Park Verified Spot
Some of the ramps can get slippery if they don't mop it enough. Otherwise, pretty fun. 12' half pipe, big bowl section.