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Date: 2009-01-31 07:42:01 Direct Link: MUTINY SINISTER COMPLETE.   Reply


i am posting this for sale to help a friend out.he busted his collar bone and shoulder pretty bad and cannot ride anymore.i have the bike in my possesion if you need more pics or info.

bike does have many scratches and a few grindages and dents.after all it is a bike biult to be ridden.

parts are as follows
frame=mutiny sinister in black 1/18" standard headset/14mm rear axle dropouts/american bottom bracket
forks=odyssey pro 41  14mm axle.i have axle reducers to use 3/8.
headset=fsa pig dh sealed
stem= s&m redneck lt black
bars =i am unsure ,will find out.cut to 22" wide
grips=new school mushroom odi grips
brake lever=odyssey trigger
brake cable=brand new fmf braided line
brake=diatech 996 hombre fiesta
seat=beat up demolition padded
seat post guts=demolition
seat post=demolition
seat post clamp=fit
cranks=primo powerbites 180mm hollow spindle american bb were black
chainwheel=macniel 30t bashgaurd
pedals=odyssey cielnicki blue
chain=kmc chrome dropbuster
front rim=tree sealed hub 3/8 axle bolts(yes bolts)/odyssey black hazard lite black 36 spoke black spokes
rear rim= odyssey hazard cassette hub 14mm axle 11t driver/odyssey hazard 7k chrome 48 hole.
rear hub has a non drive side grind gaurd

looking for $400 shipped or best offer.price is pretty flexible.he just wants it please,dont be afraid to shoot an offer.

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Date: 2011-06-27 14:11:21 Direct Link: Re: MUTINY SINISTER COMPLETE.   Reply

I am willing to give you 350 shipped to north Carolina if I cold just see some pictures

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