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Date: 2007-01-24 23:08:16 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

Drilled out my odyssey compresson bolt so the cable end would fit through and so I didnt have to take the cable out to get the forks off. cut my seat post and Drilled it out (swiss cheese style) below the clam. drilled out my lever body for weight (yes I know it barly does anything but i was bored) cut bars 3/4 off an inch on each side, and put grip tap on the tops of my pegs.

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Date: 2007-01-26 15:29:24 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

Might have said something similar to this before. I dun really care.
My fork extends about an inch above my stem.

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Date: 2007-01-30 09:08:57 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

i wouldn't exactly call that a mod, thats like saying, i took a link out of my chain. just not worth mentioning.

anyway, i mounted a bashguard off a 44t sprocket on a 33t sprocket, i needed to make up some pvc spacer sorta thinggs and drill the sprocket to fit it.

I once ran 2 sprockets side by side, with a motorbike chain.

I had to grind into my hub guard to clear against the weld

I laced a couple wheels with interesting patterns.
 like this once.
and this

I made the seat post guts for my bike.

I covered my primo seat In black denim from an old pair of jeans, although i tried, cleaning it up a little more a couple days later, and ended up causing a problem resulting in,I know longer could use it.

I ran my hazzard cassete sandblasted finish for a bit.
And drilled through my stem between bars and fork section. and drill a little hole in the bottom of it, then grinded the gyro plate back a bit to clear the curve of the stem, and put a rivet in the plate, sort of as an anchor point, to fit into the stem,not like so you can't get it out, just so it slides in and out.

thats a few bits and pieces ive done, some of the pretty basic stuff, and some of the slightly harder things, but I've done a lot of random shit to my bikes over the time

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Date: 2007-01-30 18:14:19 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

back when i ran a back brake, i built a rig so i didn't have to use a top gyro cable. it allowed me to make the top cable as long as i wanted. no real mods to the new bike, just some washer thinning on the cranks to make for better chain alignment. i had real bad chain alignment, the worst i've ever seen.

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Date: 2008-08-11 01:36:56 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

Well i have taken an old bike tube cut it and made headset dust covers
cut off brake mounts and filed and in process of painting
made metal barends out of bottle caps
made a chain and sproket protector from old sprocket with cut off and filed teeth
made a snowbike which involed studing the back tire and put a ski on front fork
ran a spoke for the hander cable
cut seat post
drilled out stem
i have done alot more just cant think of them right now

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Date: 2008-12-22 16:52:15 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

re studded my odz pedals with 8mm Allen studs, made a thing to make my rear brakes work better(after a physics class no less), done many things to gyros when i used to run one. took a old school redneck stem 1inch stem and milled it to 1 1/8. cut groves in my tires (didn't do anything) drilled holes between my spoke holes on a ft rim. made grip ring from my left grip. run a 3/8 ft axle with a s&m 15mm axle converter on the peg side and a washer style converter on the non peg side. used to run a piece of grip in between my pedal and crank arm, and then the tire between the sproket and frame. once made a huge bash guard old dyno style for my hoffman condor, used to run MTB seat posts cus they were aluminum, back when all bmx posts were steal, when I was learning barspins ran a fat azz seat with the ft cut off and a tennis ball cut and fit on the end (made a great seat to pinch) , made all sorts of spoke protectors, use MTB shifter cable for brake cable, wrap it with electrical tape so it cant explode. used to run a 80's moto bike lever when I had crappy side pull brakes it helped but looked huge!. ran a 50cc bike chain still broke it. lol so much more but im old and I forget.

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Date: 2014-08-01 03:42:27 Direct Link: Re: any odd mods   Reply

I do all sorts of crazy stuff to my bikes.  You are not alone.  I've made bearing bar ends, drilled cable holes in frames, used mountain bike parts on my BMX, fabricated parts out of other parts, modified parts, and even engineered my own parts at times.  I made my own standing planform out of an old gooseneck, a zero offset front end - cut off neck and had it tig welded back on top and centered over the stem to create zero offset.  Just have to drill a hole through the handlebars for the stembolt to go through.  Bent the bars and forks with a propane torch and a hole in a patio beam.  Cheap flatware.  I made a wheelie bar out of a zero offset stem, a pair of forks an axle and some sealed bearings.  It bolts to the seat post and lets me ride wheelies forever and spin the bars if I like.  I made a 20" fixed gear wheel using a butt-load of J.B.Weld and a cog from an old coaster brake.  The "suicide" hub, as I call it, has lasted through my abuse for over a year so far and still holds strong.  I've thought about the bearing bar end mod only installed into the ends of axle pegs,....grinding would be a breeze!  I once had a 21 speed torker that I would surf on at 30+ mph and roll for over a mile on.  Roofing nails through the tires from the inside out make great snow/ice tires if you live where there's snow.  I've ground out my dropouts front and back to accept the newer, fatter axles.  I screwed self tapping screws through my plastic pedals for added shoe-grip, and they worked, but if ever I did slip, my shins had no chance.  I made a seat post extension by cutting off the top section of another seat post and cutting a slot in the bottom of it so that I could use a seat post clamp to clamp it to the top of my existing seat post, extending it by several inches.  This would probably have looked better if I had used a smaller diameter seat post, a wedge from an old stem and cut the bottom at a 45 degree angle, but it worked fine.  I ran a double cable brake lever to operate two sets of rear brakes to improve stopping power.  Mounted one brake on upper mounts and one underneath, near kickstand.  Also used same lever to run an all wheel braking system where one lever worked both front and rear brakes.  The list goes on and on......

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