Our rules are based on the principles upon which Pedal was founded. True freedom of speech, with organization and maturity.
  1. No Spamming, Bumping, or "Me-Too's"
    • Basically, no worthless posts. Sure you might think what someone said was funny, or you agree, but posting a reply with their entire post quoted and "Hahah", "Me too.", or "Yeah", is not a valid post. Obviously the same goes for "Bump" posts, and any sort of spamming. These posts will be voted down, and the users reputation will fall.
  2. No Hate
    • Maybe it sounds cliche, but we don't really care. We don't want to hear your racial, sexual, occupational, regional or whatever type of hateful ideas you have. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts and ideas here, but hate, is not a thought or an idea. Keep it in your head, or share it with your pet squirrel, don't tell us.
  3. Stay on topic
    • It's not that hard. If you want to talk about something else, start a new thread about it. Try to answer or respond to the initial post's idea or question, rather than ask someone who also responded to thread, about what they did last week.