Motocycle Flatland

6:20 is the closest I've ever seen someone on a motorcycle get to doing flatland. He even has pegs. The whole video is just nuts.

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What do you want to see on Pedal?

I've been working on Pedal a lot lately, fixing bugs all over the place. I can keep working on what I think is important, but it may not be what you guys care about. So, what do you want to see changed, improved, added or even removed? Let's hear it.

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Scrap O Licious Dos

The clip at the end is a banger. Enjoy


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This is absurd.

This kid is entirely too good.

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Northern California Stunt Team looking for qualified box jump riders

There have been some changes to our team and we are looking for ramp riders who are pro class professional riders.  They must be willing to be on time, have their own reliable transportation and have respect for themselves and others.  Other requirements are they must be able to perform under pressure in front of a crowd and be able to do backflips, 360's etc.  Pay starts out at 20% of the show pay for 90 days or 3 shows and increases to 25% after that.  If you are interested call (916) 202-2529 and give your info on the voice mail.  This number is set up just for this ad.

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