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Date: 2010-02-10 23:08:25 Direct Link: Standard Shaman my flat/street ride   Reply

I'm going to be parting a few things to start anew.

Just a background of my riding to let you know that I'm not someone trying to get rid of crap.

I'm from San Francisco and used to ride at the clocktower when there was 10+ riders at almost any given night(missing the spot). I rode mainly flat and street and filmed on occasion. I never really liked to grind but can throw a mean icepick so my bike never went through that abuse.Now I just want to change it up.

Standard Shaman 19.5", rear 990 mounts, 14mm dropouts, american bb. Rusty no clear coat. I still ride it with no worries, it's a Standard frame.

S & M Pitchfork 14mm dropouts, 990 mounts. Clearcoat with a bit of rash.

Windsor Handlebars 4-pc, I forgot the name of the Canadian company that made these bars. Black in great condition. Little upsweep with probably some backsweep. Protected with Brickhouse Bikes Barends.

Profile 3-pc Crank, 170mm Chrome arms, American Bottom Bracket with heavy trashing on the bottom part of housing.

Front wheel SUZUE MHS sealed hub 14mm straight axle laced to a Araya Super 7x rim Chrome.

Rear wheel I can part out the Chrome Peregrine rim but my Nankai is staying with me.

Odyssey 99er seat black wore down but with some fabric and elbow grease and it's new again. I did cutouts under the cushion to lighten up the seat a few ounces.

Other things on the bike: KHE plastic pedals(forgot name), Brickhouse Bike flatland stem, Diacompe 990s front & back, Tech 99 levers, Standard Handgrenade Pegs, some other pegs, and some other things in a box.

Shoot me a price and we can talk.


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Date: 2010-06-12 06:04:14 Direct Link: Re: Standard Shaman my flat/street ride   Reply

Still have the rear super pro hoop?  Condition?  Pic? Price?

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Date: 2013-04-26 18:03:33 Direct Link: Re: Standard Shaman my flat/street ride   Reply

  I believe the Windsors were madfe by 1664. The Shaman is a great frame. Good luck wit hthe sale.

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