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Date: 2009-06-09 09:13:51 Direct Link: Re: full of sh*t lol   Reply

Oh man that sucks.


Sounds like you need to invest in a quality bike lock! Haha

- Nick Busey

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Date: 2009-06-09 13:59:40 Direct Link: Re: full of sh*t lol   Reply

 yeah take some time making your bike look like a total piece of trash. make it undesirable. paint it a puke green color with flourecent pink stripes or something.


and i lied... i remembered a third bike. it was a total mutt bike me and my friends pieced together when i was like 12 and couldnt afford a bike. it was orange with blue and yellow stickers. had shocks on the fork and big knobby tires front and back. shitty for bmx but i could fly down our local trails :D.

i remember one day i was being chased by a group of high schoolers i had just pissed off. and i went to the trails because i knew they didnt ever spend much time there. they were on bikes to about 6 of them i think. i ended up getting to the trails without them stopping me and tore ass down the hills. our trails were actual trails, not jumps. i hit that 50 ft long hill going full speed down it with trees and shit whipping by and disappeared into about 10 acres of rough ass trail/forest area. one of them crashed his bike at the top of the hill because he was scared to follow. noone else followed me down either.

good times.


me and my friends used to throw all of our bike trash on their roofs.... dead bearings, flat inner tubes, busted tires, old chains anything we couldnt  reuse or fix we would ride by at night and throw it up on their roofs lol.

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